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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jamaica Reggae

Jamaica is a small small island with a big big music! Bob Marley - Most Famous Jamaican?
Jamaican Music on the International Scene
Introducing the Reggae Rajahs
Even in a place as unlikely as Mumbai, India, where one thinks of music as the sounds of sitars and tablas, Reggae is taking hold and the Reggae Rajahs, India's first Reggae Sound System, is making waves. The Reggae Rajahs came together through their love of "raggamuffin sounds" in early 2009 in New Delhi, playing roots reggae, ska, dub, lovers rock and dancehall.

Reggae and Indians Before the Reggae Rajahs
The Reggae Rajahs are not the first Indians to embrace Jamaican music. Reggae Music - Jamaica's Gift to the World
Reggae has truly been Jamaica's gift to the World. Reggae music is never far from any Jamaica accommodation, be it Jamaica villas, cottages, or Jamaica apartments.
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