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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Use Adapted Accessory Scales on Guitar

The Adapted Accessory is one of the a lot of able scales a guitar amateur can know. The basics of it are easy. But as with anything, it's a lot of important to apperceive how and area to use it. So let's dive in and see what a guitarist armed with this calibration can do...

First a quick album on accessory scales. There are 3:
Natural Accessory - The by itself occurring accessory calibration based on your key signature.
So for A Minor: A B C D E F G A
Harmonic Accessory - Same calibration but with a #7.
A B C D E F G# A
Melodic Accessory - Same afresh but with a #6 and #7, and abiding to the accustomed accessory if descending.
A B C D E F# G# A G F E D C B A
Jazz Accessory - Because if you're improvising a bulk addendum a minute you don't wish to accept to anticipate about which administration your going, Jazz players will use the adapted accessory with the #6 and #7 in both directions.
You can aswell anticipate of the Adapted Accessory as a above calibration with a b3.
Listen up bedrock guitar players... Don't shy abroad just because it says "Jazz". All these concepts plan abundant for bedrock and metal players of all types.
Let's aboriginal attending at the chords that are acquired from the adapted accessory to get some account of area the calibration will work. I'll present the basal triads and the added absorbing 7th chords.
i - A C E = Am
A C E G# = Am (maj7)
ii - B D F# = Bm
B D F# A = Bm7
III - C E G# = C aug
C E G# B = Cmaj7#5
IV - D F# A = D major
D F# A C = D7
V - E G# B = E major
E G# B D = E7
vi - F# A C = F#dim
F# A C E = F#m7(b5)
vii - G# B D = G#dim
G# B D F# = G#m7(b5)
Now we apperceive we can use the A Adapted Accessory over any of these chords. You can aswell address ambit progressions based on these chords.
Let's say you're face with a ambit like Em7(b5). That blazon of ambit can either be the 6th or 7th ambit in the adapted minor. Which agency you could use either D# or F Adapted Accessory to play over it. Or both. Are you starting to see the countless of possibilities here?
We can aswell attending at the modes of the Adapted Accessory by creating scales that alpha on anniversary of the notes:
A Adapted Accessory - A B C D E F# G#
Use over above and accessory chords
B Dorian b2 - B C D E F# G# A
Use over b9sus4 chords
C Lydian #5 - C D E F# G# A B
Use over maj7#5 chords
D Lydian Ascendant - D E F# G# A B C
Use over 7#11 chords and tritone substitutions
E Midolydian b6 - E F# G# A B C D
Use over 7b13 chords
F# Aeolian b5 - F# G# A B C D E
Use over m7b5 chords
G# Adapted (aka Super Locrian or Diminished Wholetone)
User over adapted ascendant chords (ie. #5, b5, #9, b9, etc)
For the a lot of allotment you'll apprehension that these are all adapted ascendant chords of some sort. So try bond them up that way and see what happens. Another air-conditioned ambush is to use the Adapted Accessory a bisected footfall (one fret) college than the basis of your ascendant chord. For archetype use Bb Adapted over an A7 chord.
How to convenance these... You ability be thinking, "But I rarely run beyond some of these chords and if I do, I will not anticipate of arena this way." The band-aid is to address some chords progressions for yourself that use these chords and alpha alarming over them. Even just a two ambit attract will go a continued way to allowance you internalize these sounds and accept them accessible if you charge them.
And the adorableness of the guitar is that all our patterns are moveable. So accomplish abiding you move all these scales and account into altered keys in altered locations of the neck.

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