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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dewa 19

Dewa 19 is a music group originating from Surabaya, Indonesia.Grup this music has bebrapa times experienced personnel turnover, and personelnya at this time is:
* Ahmad Dhani (keyboard, gitar)
* Andra Junaidi (gitar)
* Elfonda Mekel (vokalis)
* Yuke Sampurna (bass)
* A (drummer)


Dewa was first formed in 1986 by four students of SMP 6 Surabaya, with their acronym name [Ahmad Dhani Munaf] (Keyboard, vocal), Erwin Prasetya (Bass), Wawan Juniarso (Drum), and ANDRA Ramadan (Guitar); with headquarters Wawan at home in the complex, Airlangga University (Unair) Surabaya.

Color music rock god originally, but then Erwin introduced to jazz in the group. Dewa was changed to the jazz direction, so that Wawan heavy rock music fans decide out in 1988 and joined with, among others, the Outsider of Ari lasso. Wawan position and replaced by Salman and the name was changed to Dewa Down Beat, which was taken from the name of the magazine American jazz. To the area and surrounding East Java, the name of Down Beat was quite popular, especially after the successful rule stage festivals. Only a Youth Jazz Festival se-Jawa Timur, I get the 90 high school band festival or champion Needle II Super Fiesta Music.

When the name of Rice waver, Wawan again called to the gods, with invites also Ari lasso. Down Beat was the name changed to Dewa 19, because at that time the average age of 19 years personelnya. Dewa 19 also confound a variety of music so: pop, rock, even jazz, so that the birth of new alternative music khasanah Indonesia at that time. Wawan classmates, Aaron apparently attracted by the concept and immediately pour funds Rp. 10 million for memodali friends - friends of the recording. But because Singapore is not in the studio who have qualified, they are forced to Jakarta earlier the number of funds clearly fit - pasan. With a master's in hand, Ahmad Dhani gentayangan from one company to the company recording a recording another city bus use, while Erwin, Wawan, ANDRA and Ari wait the result in Surabaya. After being rejected by a number of recording companies, master Dilirik by the end of Jan Djuhana Team Records.

Dewa 19 album first released in 1992. Despite allegations, this album melejit successful in the market, to obtain an award from BASF for New Immigrants Best Album and Terlaris 1993.

In the making of the album format the Future, Wawan hengkang because of the absence of a match between them. In the album in Dewa 19 attach Rere (ADA Band drummer now) to the position of drummer. After the album Open-Open is finished, go Wong Aksan position drummer. After completing the making of the album Pandawa Lima in 1998, Wong Aksan removed from Dewa 19, and replaced by Bimo Sulaksono (former members of Neutral). Not long after Bimo hengkang from this group and join the group to form Bebi Romeo.

In addition to personnel turnover problems, Dewa 19 also experienced problems due terlibatnya two personelnya Ari lasso and Erwin Prasetya experiencing drug dependence. Erwin must be signed in to boarding and rehabilitation of bad habits, and eventually healed. Ari lasso a difficult force to be contacted Dhani changing its position as the vocalist with the Once. Drummer position filled by an empty Tyo Nugros.

In the fifth album Five Stars in 2000, the name changed to Dewa 19 Dewa. Once the entrance and Tyo Nugros that bring fresh wind to the Five Stars meledaknya this album. Erwin Prasetya previously terjerat drugs and re-entry into the bass.

Dewa released 2002 album Love Cintailah. After that many of the problems that arise. Search for the song Cinta Arjuna dipermasalahkan for alleged copyright violation, forcing the gods to replace them with Arjuna (song) only. Erwin Prasetya hengkang then result does not match with the management of god, who was replaced by Yuke Sampurna (former bassist band The Groove).

In 2004, Dewa Laskar Cinta album release, and in the same year, the name again changed to Dewa Dewa 19.

In the year 2008, a position filled by a drum Tyo Nugros replaced by Agung Yudha. This new position was introduced in the official video clip "I Dead Dead." [1] [2]

After so long not release the album and single, in August 2008, Dewa 19 released new single, entitled Perempuan Paling Cantik di Negeriku Indonesia found in the compilation album titled The Best of Republik Cinta Vol. 1.


Studio Album

1. 1992 - Dewa 19
2. 1994 - Format Masa Depan
3. 1995 - Terbaik Terbaik
4. 1997 - Pandawa Lima
5. 2000 - Bintang Lima
6. 2002 - Cintailah Cinta
7. 2004 - Laskar Cinta
8. 2006 - Republik Cinta
9. 2007 - Kerajaan Cinta
10. 2009 - Demokrasi Cinta

Compilation album

1. 1999 - The Best Of Dewa 19
2. 2008 - The Best of Republik Cinta Vol. 1

Albums Concert Recordings
1. 2004 - Atas Nama Cinta I & II
2. 2005 - DVD Live in Japan (Limited Edition)

More Info Dewa19.com

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