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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Converting Mp3

Mp3 digital music is one of the most popular forms for music to take these days. Digital music just seems to make sense, and is a natural step forward in the music world today. Everything else is digital these days, why wouldn’t our music be?

While music is still purchased in the form of CDs, it is very often converted into mp3 digital music for use on a computer or mp3 player. Indeed, sometimes it seems like CD players are all but obsolete now, and I almost never use mine anymore. However, it is nice to have music backed up on CDs, and I try to keep my CD collection current even if I’m not listening to them directly very much. I have a sort of inherent distrust of computers and all things purely digital, and I’m just waitng for my digital music players to explode one day.

Mp3 players have a lot of nice advantages to them over CDs. First of all, they are of course much smaller. Most mp3 players can easily fit into your pocket, unlike bulky CD players. Even the smallest portable CD player is enormous compared to the average mp3 player. Also, mp3 digital music can be stored on a hard drive of an mp3 player or computer, and so no CDs are needed. You can load up all the mp3 digital music you want on your computer, and never have to worry about losing or scratching any of it.

One of the most popular portable digital music players today is Apple’s iPod, and since it’s made by Apple it just has to be different. Therefore it does not use the mp3 digital music files other players use, and instead uses its own spiffy Apple format exclusive to iPods. As an owner of both an mp3 player and an iPod, this fact continuously frustrates me, as it is nothing short of a pain in the ass to transfer music from one player to the other.

Mp3 digital music is also of a fairly small file size, which is handy. My laptop has a 120 GB hard drive on it, and I can fit my entire music collection on it in the mp3 digital music format without making a dent in the overall space available. The mp3 digital music format poses some serious threats to the music industry, as it is so easy to share and pass around.

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